We provide interpreters to government and non government organisations to access people whose first language is not English.


We cater for court attendances, police stations, social services, solicitors, hospitals, investigators, foreign language document translations (affidavit/notary/certified/sworn) and much more.

Interpreting services are now becoming crucial to the day to day running of a whole host of Government bodies, local authorities and businesses both large and small.


We provide interpreters for people whose first language is not English, to help them to access the wide range of services and information provided by local and regional governments. We can also arrange for our male/female interpreters to assist other agencies, e.g. Probation Service, Health Service, solicitors, various voluntary organisations, police, social services, CPS, Insurance companies, including home visits/interviews, etc…

You can apply for prior authority for our fees in public funded cases and to assist you we will give you a detailed quotation. Once you have prior authority you have no financial risk, since our costs are guaranteed to be met by the LAA.

In urgent cases you do not need to get prior authority if you are satisfied the instruction is necessary for the conduct of the case and the fees are reasonable in all the circumstances. Our experience is that if counsel has advised you take the step it will prima facie be reasonable for that to be done.

For private fee paying work we will give you a quote and are happy to await your instructions until such time as you have the fees on account from your client.

We will invoice you for work on completion of the instructions and our normal terms are 28 days. We do ask that if you are able to seek payment on account then you do so in accordance with the Law Society guidance for paying experts.

Prospective linguists, please send CVs to linguists@lits-service.co.uk