We are delighted to announce an extension of the services that LITS provides. We have a team of in-house experts with over 20 years’ experience specialist in Criminal Trial Preparation.

We can now provide services in the following areas:-


    • Preparation of Initial Case Analysis.
    • Preparation /Summary of Prosecution evidence.
  • Preparation/Assessment of applicable law/statutes-with authorities & case law provided.
  • Preparation of detailed case chronologies.
  • Meticulous Investigation and examination of unused material.
  • Attendance upon witnesses for the taking of s.9 statements for court.
  • Attendances upon specific areas for photographs etc.
  • Attendance at court during trials to take notes, assist counsel, etc.

These services are offered on private and legal aid rates.

On contact, you will be allocated a specialist-who will be solely responsible for your matter. We can meet any reasonable deadline required.


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