Very Helpful

H. Walsh. Solicitor at Law. French Interpreter Services. Blackpool County Courts. 6th July 2018.

Excellent. Done above and beyond what is required.

N. D. Solicitor at Criminal Law. Burnley Crown Courts. 17th July 2018. Hungarian Interpreter Services.

Nice chap. Did a good job.

P. J. B. Barrister at Civil Law. Kurdish Interpreter Services, Leeds County Courts

Excellent Quality of Service.

R. P. Criminal Law Solicitor. Vietnamese Interpreter Services. Preston Crown Courts.

I have spoken to Alan at LITS who has been extremely helpful as always with his assistance. LITS has of course always been our preferred supplier, as per the office manual, for cases requiring translation and should continue to be our first stop in all such cases.

KJS, Solicitor & Head of Criminal Law Team. Polish Interpreter Services. Preston Crown Courts.
Excellent Quality of Service and Punctuality. D. M. Solicitor at Criminal Law. Preston Crown Courts. Vietnamese Interpreter Services. 18th September 2019.

W. C. Solicitor/Advocate at Criminal Law.

Very helpful in carrying out translation duties. Polish Interpreter Services. Blackburn Magistrates Courts. 10th September 2019.



The translator was exceptional today.  All matters were translated clearly and efficiently.   In court, she was excellent, very calm and composed.  She ensured that the client understood each and every development and even assisted inside when called up.  A very good translator, who we will be happy to use again. M. M. Solicitor at Civil Law. Polish Translator Services. Hearing/Trial Attendance at Preston County Courts. Wed 4th September 2019.

Invaluable help for both patient and medical staff. Excellent Punctuality and Quality of Service.

P. M. Medical Professional-Urgent Care. Urgent Sign Language Interpreter Services (BSL). Monday 02nd September 2019.

Brilliant+very flexible to our needs today in an emergency situation.  Thank you.

R. B. Lead Social Worker. Urgent Female Czech-Slovakian Interpreter Services. 23rd August 2019.